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What's YOUR Tax Strategy?

If you don’t already have one, we’d like to make a suggestion or two. Each year, tax laws change and your situation may change as well. Life happens. We are well equipped to guide you through tax season and provide you with a strategy that will prepare you for the following tax seasons based on your needs. An informed client always has a better tax experience. 

We truly care about our clients and providing exceptional service.

Even through the midst of Covid-19, we will keep you connected to us via mobile solutions!

Our Services


Managing your numbers so you can manage your business.

Problem Solving

Strategic planning designed for self-employed & small businesses.

Tax Planning & Savings

Taking care of business; Maximizing Deductions for Better Results

Financial Literacy Workshops

These are the “Money Talks” you need!

Business Formation

Business entity filing (LLC, S-Corp, Non-profit)

Business Resources

Resources for businesses, even start-ups, Funding, Grant Writing, etc. 


Tax Preparation: Individuals, Self-Employed & Small Businesses

Personal & Business

Personal & Business Credit services offered in partnership with Credit Honor LLC.

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